My Tigress (Part 1)

I bought this scooter off eBay in November 2012. At first I thought that I would be able to do a small amount of work to get it running and then use it “as found”. However, on close inspection in my workshop it became obvious that the previous owner had dismantled it and then probably given up on it without actually doing anything. It had been cobbled together and some small bits were missing and all sorts of nuts and bolts used to assemble it.

The engine turned over OK and there was some decent compression, so I decided to see if I could at least get that part running before embarking on a full restoration. All the tinware was removed and this makes everything very easy to get at. The carburettor was full of crud, so I dismantled it and give it a thorough overhaul, replacing all of the gaskets and seals with a kit that I bought from Amal.

A point to note is that although the Amal 363 carb’ is a quite common piece of kit that was used on several British bikes, the needle retaining clip is unique to the T1 Tigress. They are very hard to find, so make sure that you do not lose yours.

Before getting any further with it, I had a heart attack and was rushed to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital in the middle of the night — I had always wanted to try a blues and twos ride, but I have now changed my mind about that. There was an operating team waiting for me and as soon as I was plonked on the table they went to work. 48 hours later I was back at home, but it will take a few more weeks before I can get back to work. The Tigress should make a decent rehabilitation project (after I have had a bit more work done on my heart).

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