Project Tina Update

Just a quick update, the painting is done and the rebuilding has started on my wife’s 1963 Tina. Triumph Owners Club registrar man was brilliant and after a lot of looking we found what was left of the frame number under the main spar near the cylinder head just where the rust is the worst! anyway have registered the original number so if I can get it through an MOT happy days!
Have had to install a brake light for the MOT which is fitted to the rear hub brake lever anyone interested I can post some pics.
Will post when its all complete.
Bye for now.


  1. dollyturbo says:

    Could you post some pictures of how you fitted/ wired the brake light.

  2. John Orchard says:

    Last post on Tina 2 all done and MOT sorted, runs OK but a bit down on power I think, so maybe some work to do but real fun running about on her. Everyone should have a Tina in their life I am lucky I have two (inc. the wife).

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