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Triumph T10 or Tina Press Articles

Oasis Tina

One of the machines in the sale at Boldon Auction Galleries in South Tyneside in 2011 was a Triumph Tina scooter which featured on the front and rear covers of the Oasis interview CD Be Somewhere Else Now, which was recorded in Stockholm during the band’s world tour.

T10-Bretta from Scootering Magazine (Sept 2011)

Ever wondered of it was possible to lose the quirky T10 or Tina lump and replace it with something a little more reliable? I know I have! Well there is a solution, although not a financially practical one… swap your stock T10 engine with a Lambretta one. Perhaps this defeats the point of having a […]

Motorcycle Sport – My Brief Affair With Tina – 1993

MY BRIEF AFFAIR WITH TINA See a pdf of this article here Motorcycle sport – May 1993 – Ken Craven Throughout motorcycling history the manufacturers have dabbled with the idea of producing a bike for Everyman. Something light, small and uncomplicated that would persuade the world on to two wheels. A few have translated their […]

Triumph Tigress or BSA Sunbeam Press Articles