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Cylinder head gasket

Have had success with curing a slight oil leak at the cylinder head. I used Permatex copper spray gasket maker and it has worked well, cylinder block is now continent! Now to cure the remaining leaks!

My Tigress (part 3)

When I tried to start the engine another problem manifested its self and I believe it is a common one with the BSA Sunbeam and the Triumph Tigress. The whole bike rocked alarmingly from side to side when it was on its stand. As far as I can tell, this is partly caused by years […]

Italian Triumph Website

Interesting Italian website featuring all things “Triumph” In particular – Google Chrome will do a translate job on the text. Enjoy!

Oasis Tina

One of the machines in the sale at Boldon Auction Galleries in South Tyneside in 2011 was a Triumph Tina scooter which featured on the front and rear covers of the Oasis interview CD Be Somewhere Else Now, which was recorded in Stockholm during the band’s world tour.

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Project Tina Update

Rebuild contiues

My1963 Tina project

First time owner of a Tina (actually I do have another but she is my wife)

Tina/T10 drive belt alternative – Finally

After a good few years of debate, a decent alternative drive belt has been found by forum member Steph99 (well done on finding the missing piece of thje jigsaw). The replacement is a belt for a Malaguti madison 125 1999-2005 Available from Drive Belt 22-30-828 V-Belt Malaguti Madison 125 99-05, price £15.37 free delivery […]

Tina & T10 Oil Seals

The seals for the Tina and T10 are TC 20 x 35 x 7 There are two types – Nitrile and Viton (Viton being much more expensive) There are two sub types – R21 and R23. They both have a single sealing lip but the R23 has an extra dust lip to avoid grit getting […]

The new improved Triumph Scooters Site – Coming Soon has been going for about 2 years now and a little less than that. When I first set up the site I never imagined how popular it might one day become. As such, the old site no longer allows the forum to grow and provide the services I would like to offer to […]