The Triumph Tigress

Triumph Tigress and BSA Sunbeam

After years of reluctance by British manufactures to get involved in the burgeoning scooter market of the 1950’s, BSA & Triumph came out, seemingly from nowhere, with arguably the most advanced and innovative scooter ever seen at that time.

This machine was the 250 c.c. B.S.A. “Sunbeam” which was also marketed by Triumph as the “Tigress”. It was built to the design of Edward Turner, one of Britain’s leading designers in both motorcycle and automobile engineering, and it was shown in public for the first time at the Earls Court Motorcycle Show late in 1958. It then quickly became one of the most popular scooters in the country, and the range offered by B.S.A. and Triumph was later widened by the introduction of a 175 C.C. two-stroke machine using the same cycle parts.

A few details of external finish apart, there is no basic difference between the B.S.A and Triumph machines.