The Triumph Tina

Triumph Tina and Triumph T10

The Triumph Tina is a small and low performance scooter with a 100cc two stroke engine and automatic transmission. Designed by Edward Turner in 1962 as a simple and easy to ride vehicle the Tina was indeed a dilution of the Triumph image and despite an extensive advertising campaign they sold in very small numbers.

The Triumph Tina was re-engineered and renamed the Triumph T10 in 1965, and discontinued about 1970.

If you have recently bought a Tina or T10 then you will have been shocked (as I was) by the lack of parts and information available about these machines. Having spoken to many dealers, even Classic Triumph and classic scooter guys, I found that most had never even seen one and in fact most were not event willing to work on one. So, if you have bought one on ebay with the intention of doing-her-up you had better know that this is not going to be easy.

The good news is that these are about the easiest bikes you can work on, as they are mechanically and electrically very simple.

Despite their failings these scooters are true British classics with plenty of character. They are a joy to work on and a privilege to own. This site is intended as a resource for those wanting to get their Tina and T10 back on the road and stick two fingers up at the Italians.