Triumph Tigress and Sunbeam posts

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Triumph Tigress and Sunbeam posts

Timing a Tigress

I'm stumped - need help

Looking for an old friend

From: Mr Paul A Owen <> Subject: Looking for an old friend Message Body: Had a 250cc Sunbeam reg YND 109 back in the70’s . Rebuilt & resprayed then parted company . Just wondering if she is still around.

Greg & Karen Price’s Tigress

New Photo – but who does it belong to?


My Tigress (part 3)

When I tried to start the engine another problem manifested its self and I believe it is a common one with the BSA Sunbeam and the Triumph Tigress. The whole bike rocked alarmingly from side to side when it was on its stand. As far as I can tell, this is partly caused by years […]

Timing the Tigress !

Useful extract from Hughie Hancox’s book “Tales of Triumph Motorcycles and the Meriden Factory” It describes how the Lucas 4CA contact breaker assembly should be set up, in much more detail than found in the official “Instruction Manual” Download from:- Also relevant is this article on setting up the auto advance unit (AAU)

My Tigress (part 2)

Once I was over the heart attack I could get back to doing some work on the Tigress. The refurbished carb’ was reinstalled on the engine and some fuel put into the tank and this is where the next problem reared its head. As I have already mentioned, when the previous owner cobbled the machine […]

My Tigress (Part 1)

I bought this scooter off eBay in November 2012. At first I thought that I would be able to do a small amount of work to get it running and then use it “as found”. However, on close inspection in my workshop it became obvious that the previous owner had dismantled it and then probably […]

Converting the Tigress to 12 volts

I have sent this to the BSA_N_Triumph_scooters group and thought I would copy to you as well. I am in the process of converting the everyday Tigress to 12 volts. The 6 volt battery failed so I had to do something, and as I have an electric starter available I decided to take the plunge. […]

New Boy

HI to all. As a new member I guess the best place to start is with the usual I bought a progect Tigress 250 about 15 years ago got it running and then got that busy left it in the darkest corner of the garage until 2005 when I actually got it mot’d. but the […]

Hub removal – a tool for 6p

This handy tip came from the forum members. It relates to the easy removal of hubs from a tigress but is actually relevant to T10 and Tina models also. Basically, the trick to removing the hubs without the specialist tool is to use increasing numbers of 2 pence pieces (other countries will have to find […]