Triumph Tina and T10 posts

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Triumph Tina and T10 posts


Project Tina Update

Rebuild contiues


My1963 Tina project

First time owner of a Tina (actually I do have another but she is my wife)


Tina Factory 1962 1


Tina Assembly 1962 2


Probably the best Triumph Tina in the world – for sale!

Triumph Tina for sale Contact – Ken Heydon:-  


Triumph T10 replacement carb

Hi just thought id let you know I have replaced my worn out amal carb and replaced with a carburettor for a yamaha pw80 . This carb was bought new for under 18.00 delivered from ebay . The stub fitting is same 24 mm when you remove plastic sleave . Runs better too .


Tina/T10 Swingarm pivot system

It’s not immediately apparent that there are 3 elements to this pivot system. 1 – Bush – Tight fit to swingarm 2 – Sleeve – Sliding fit inside bush 3 – Bolt – sloppy fit inside sleeve. The sleeve is fractionally longer than the bush so that when the bolt is tightened the lugs on […]


Tina/T10 Kickstart system

The Tina/T10 Kickstart system is not a particularly well designed or robust piece of engineering and slipping, leading to being unable to start the engine, is a recurring theme which is made even worse because it’s impossible to do a bump start. When figuring out how to make things work it’s necessary to understand the […]


Brightspark Magnetos EasyCap Condenser Replacement.

That electrolytic capacitor has to go – it’s the real weak point of any ignition system. First, read the following info on Brightspark Magnetos website:- Next, buy the 220nF Universal EasyCap. Now follow the photos:- Remove the horrible electrolytic can and throw it away. Fettle the EasyCap to shape, chamfer the edges, countersink the fixing […]


Tina / T10 Drive Pulley Reassembly Sequence and Adjustment – revised

1 – Plain steel washer against bare shaft – 22mm O/D, 18.5mm I/D, 50 thou. thick. Yes – A consequence of using Metric bearings ! 2 – Spring. 3 – Kickstart pinion and 2 collets. Check for wear of the (well oiled) bronze bush and/or shaft. Sloppy fit allows the ratchet to cam out and […]


VMSC Coventry 2013

VMSC Coventry 2013 Hi just to let everyone no my 1966 Triumph T10 Won 1.Best made in Britain. for the second year running 2.Best Automatic We had a wonderful day and were made very welcome buy everyone there . I am already thinking about next year and was good to see and meet other Triumph […]


Tina/T10 drive belt alternative – Finally

After a good few years of debate, a decent alternative drive belt has been found by forum member Steph99 (well done on finding the missing piece of thje jigsaw). The replacement is a belt for a Malaguti madison 125 1999-2005 Available from Drive Belt 22-30-828 V-Belt Malaguti Madison 125 99-05, price £15.37 free delivery […]


Tina & T10 Oil Seals

The seals for the Tina and T10 are TC 20 x 35 x 7 There are two types – Nitrile and Viton (Viton being much more expensive) There are two sub types – R21 and R23. They both have a single sealing lip but the R23 has an extra dust lip to avoid grit getting […]


wideboy’s T10; she runs!!


Hub removal – a tool for 6p

This handy tip came from the forum members. It relates to the easy removal of hubs from a tigress but is actually relevant to T10 and Tina models also. Basically, the trick to removing the hubs without the specialist tool is to use increasing numbers of 2 pence pieces (other countries will have to find […]


Neil’s Tina Restoration Blog

Forum member Neil (AKA billy192) has started his own blog following the restoration of his old Tina. Keep up to date with his progress at:


Tools for removing the pulleys

Required Tools for stripping a Triumph Tina or T10 While the workshop manual lists loads of special tools that are required to strip the engine I found that 99% of the tools required are all standard workshop tools. I decent set of spanners and a socket set (imperial obviously) will get you most of the […]


Front Hub Puller – No 61-5033

Front Hub Puller Triumph Pt No 61-5033 – (Thanks to Paul “babrat61” for this image)  


Triumph T10 fly wheel extractor (61-5040)

Triumph T10 fly wheel extractor (61-5040) I recently managed to source an original Triumph T10 (& Tina) fly wheel extractor 61-5040 as pictured here. I managed, with some difficulty to remove my fly wheel without this but managed to break one of the fragile fins in the process (I glued it back on as good […]


Tina & T10 Wheel Hubs – Optional

Wheel Hubs – Optional The wheel hub caps were an optional extra for both the Tina and T10. They are, like most things Tina or T10 related, rather difficult to get hold of. However, it might be possible to re-appropriate or make some hubcaps based on the following dimensions.


Speedo head – is the drive seized?

Speedo head – is the drive seized? – By forum member Babrat61 If your scooter has been stored and unused for many years , as most out there appear to be, it is worth checking the square internal drive to the speedo is not seized. Fitting a new speedo cable without doing this may result in […]


The Front and rear pulleys of the Triumph Tina and T10

Front Pulley The front pulley is an automatic centrifugal clutch that drives the rear pulley via the belt. The front pulley is similar in design to other centrifugal clutch systems, in that it has a numbers of weights placed between two plates which when rotating push the plates apart and thus engage the clutch. I […]


Triumph Tina & T10 Tank & Fairing Bages

Triumph Tina Tank & Fairing Bages: The Tina comes with cast metal (likly alloy) front fairing badge as shown here: The badge has the words “Tina – Automatic – Made in England” The background circles are meant to represent the front and back pully plates for the automatic drive. Side fairing decal   Triumph T10 Tank & […]


Custom Colours – The Beasts T10

Custom Colours – The Beasts T10 T10 body work home sprayed with Vauxhall Leaf Green with Triumph decals both sides.  The decals are sprayed over with about 3-4 coats of clear lacquer. Obviously this is a non original colour but looks pretty cool. I have finished of the top and front frame cut out with rubber […]


Tina & T10 Original Colours

Original Colours 1962-1965 = Tina Lilac, paint code 51300-5010/182 1965-1966 = Flamboyant Red 1967 = Translucent Ruby or Ruby Amaranth with options in Mimosa and Ivory or Blue and Ivory 1968-1970 = Flamboyant Red


Triumph Tina & T10 Technical Specifications

Engine Capacity: 100cc Valve Mechanism: 2-stroke single Fuel Consumption: 100 mpg Top Speed: 45 mph Dry Weight: 143lbs Transmission: Automatic V-Belt Electric’s: 6 Volt Front Suspension: Rubber Dampener Rear Suspension: Single spring & damper unit


The Piston from a Triumph T10

The Piston from a Triumph T10 – 1967 Piston type: Hepolite 15957 Standard Bore: 50.4 Compression Distance: If known please contact me Pin Position: If known please contact me Gudge Pin posotion: If known please contact me


A stripped down engine block from a Triumph T10 – 1967

A stripped down engine block from a Triumph T10 – 1967 (shown without piston)  Engine block needed a long soak in a bucket of engine degreaser. The poiston block and piston are both suffering from scoring and the piston need to be replaced (Hepolite 15957) and the engine bock needs to be honed.  The Crank […]


Finding Your Engine Number – T10 and Tina

Finding Your Engine Number Your engine number for both a Tina and T10 will be in the location indicated by the red arrow.


Change of Tack – Scootering 2011

Change of Tack Mark Daniels Scooters … when did they start? Generally, credit may point towards introduction of the Piaggio Vespa in 1946 as herald of their growing popularity in modern times, but it’s easy to quote many veteran examples such as the American Autoped (1915), British Autoglider, Reynolds Runabout, ABC Scootamota (1919), and Grigg […]